Ktalysis Business Transformation team assists a leading Canadian bank in Strategy Execution for a global business operations overhaul.

Ktalysis Business Transformation team assists a leading Canadian insurance company in the delivery of a post-merger integration program.

Ktalysis Information Management team assists a leading Canadian auto and home insurance provider in the selection of strategic Business Intelligence platform

Ktalysis is happy to announce the inauguration of their new offices downtown Toronto on Yonge Street

Business Transformation ⏵ Capabilities


Business Strategy Execution

We assist you turning your ideas into products, or services and maintaining their marketability.

Strategy Deployment Assessment

Progress Evaluation
If you already have designed your projects and programs portfolios then we can work with you to evaluate your progress, identify shortfalls and uncover opportunities for program improvement.

Strategic Analysis
Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your current projects and programs in order to uncover new opportunities to grow your capabilities.
Working closely with your staff to analyze your particular initiative in 12 key areas: strategy, focus, methods, project selection, engagement, project execution, process management, knowledge transfer, people and leadership.

Business Alignment
Ensuring your projects and programs goals are aligned with business goals.
Ensuring that you're using the best problem solving approach for the types of problems you're seeing.
Finding out your projects and programs current state and what areas need improvement.
Charting a roadmap for how to get to the required in the next year.

Strategy Implementation Advisory

⏵ Assessing your needs
⏵ Co-developing the solution
⏵ Co-planning the deployment

Team development
Helping in assembling implementation teams within your organization with the right people matched to the right role - from the executive level to division level to process level.

Initiative rollout planning
Working with you to develop a plan that covers all major phases, significant milestones and detailed actions required to be successful.

Prepping, partnering and managing critical relationships and systems
Assisting you with integration with areas of the organization that are important to supporting your projects and programs and ensuring their success, such as Communications, IT, Human Resources and Finance.

Operational Excellence

Advising on envisioning, sequencing and documenting repeatable and robust business processes
Developing the foundational elements of an operational excellence initiative, as they pertain to a specific industry and organization, and that organization's needs and goals

Assisting in the identification, definition, scope and staff improvement projects, and know which type of projects are most appropriate, with the greatest probability of success
Understand the factors that are critical to program success, and manage the organizational aspects of change
Creating a sustainable and enterprise-wide operational excellence program that transforms the organization's culture, product and service quality, customer satisfaction levels, competitive advantage and ability to innovate

Maintaining a skilled operational excellence team through refresher training on methods, tools and statistical analyses-as needed

⏵ Establishing performance scorecards at all operational and process levels

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Technology Strategy & Governance

We help to unify the vision of business and enabling your organization to achieve its mission and to spark innovation to gain a competitive edge.

Technology Strategy

Technology Master Plan
⏵ Developing a 3-5 years plans to align technology strategy with business strategy
⏵ Building a Technology Roadmap

Organization Design
⏵ Defining the appropriate governance structure
⏵ Identifying capabilities needed and appropriate sourcing strategies

Enterprise Architecture
Creating a baseline of the current situation and defining future enterprise infrastructure, application and data architectures
Infrastructure portfolio and services

Technology Governance

Control Framework
⏵ Designing, Implementing or Assessing the IT control framework

IT Project Portfolio Management
Establishing of a process to help align technology initiatives with the business strategy and objectives

Technology Performance Management & Reporting
⏵ Measuring and communicating technology value creation or business enablement

IT Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management
Advising on envisioning, documenting, setting up, negotiating and transitioning sourcing agreements

IT Management Advisory

Executive in Residence
Providing interim services for IT management or executive positions during transformation initiatives, resources shortage or hiring process

IT Excellence
⏵ Achieving IT operational excellence
⏵ Enabling service commencement
⏵ Achieving operational readiness
⏵ Advising on advocating IT value recognition

IT Process Management
⏵ Building, Running and Optimizing your ITIL-based global processes on a factory model

IT Project Management Advisory

Executive in Residence
Providing interim services for IT and Business Project, Program, Portfolio and PMO management or executive positions during transformation initiatives, resources shortage or hiring process

IT Project Delivery Management
Managing the execution of your project/program portfolio from preliminary studies to Earned Value Assessment
Managing your IT Program Management Office (ITPMO) organization

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Information Risk Management

We help you build the resilience capabilities enabling your business to achieve its goals: delivering services to customers and improving value for shareholders.

Risk Management Governance & Strategy

Policy & Standards
Creating, enhancing and communicating your policies aligned with corporate culture, processes, technologies and industry regulatory requirements
Revising your existing policies to maintain effectiveness in changing environments

Risk Posture Assessment
⏵ Ensuring risk mitigation practices and implemented solutions are actually effective

Data Classification
Creating, enhancing and sharing a classification system focused on your business priorities
Revising your existing classification system to maintain effectiveness in evolving environments

Risk Treatment
Determining your organization's risk profile
Assessing threats, vulnerabilities, risks and impacts
Building strategies to eliminate, reduce or transfer risk or to raise risk management awareness

Risk Communication & Awareness
⏵ Building strategies and tools to raise risk management awareness

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